hi! i'm hannah.
developer and designer
I'm fascinated by creative technology, and strive to create visually immersive user experiences with design and code. I especially enjoy Web + Mobile Development, Virtual + Augmented Reality Development, and UI Design.

Medicall UI Design →
Medtech app design for investment pitch. Call for local medical help as and when you need it.
Surrey Student App →
University Android Mobile App developed as part of a university project. Frontend developer and UI designer.
VR Shoot Hoop →
Game design for a ball shooting game in Virtual Reality, with natural mouse and camera rotation ability and scoring system.
Let's Go Native →
Winning App Design for Game of Code 2016. Meet people native to the area when you're travelling and have authentic experiences.
Plant Flowers ARCore App →
This app adds some prettiness to your environment. An experiment with Google's ARCore API.
VR Nature Hop Game →
A nature based infinite runner Virtual Reality game. 🌙 Winning project for Wooga's Games Unite Scholarship.
tools and software
After Effects
React.js & React Native
VS Code
You can drop me an email at